[store finds : UBE JAM, COOKIES & COFFEE]

When in Baguio, the Good Shepherd Compound is a never-miss place for anyone who visits.  When we went there last weekend, it was teeming with tourists (as always) who queued up for those famous ube (purple yam) & strawberry jams to bring home or give away as "pasalubongs".

Up close,  the goodies we took home :

Yum-O! ;)

*Good Shepherd Compound
15 Gibraltar Road
Baguio City


  1. Woah! HappYness in a bottle :)

  2. Ube jam and crinkles from Good Shepherd! I want! :) Hmm, somehow, I can't bring myself to drink civet coffee. :P

  3. Ging, hubby was the one who bought the coffee. We taste it daw to know why it's expensive. I think we got it for 900 pesos a box. Yes, if you think about it, this coffee came from the civet cat's droppings. :(


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