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For me, reaching the age of the 4-0's meant dealing with dark spots, wrinkles & unwanted body fat deposits. Guilty of not having a beauty regimen before, I now have to make up for lost time & get preventive maintenance to avert further damage. Good thing, these Avon products that I got from my SIL could do this for me.

ANEW Reversalist Foaming Cleanser

It has smoothen my skin & shooed those pesky blackheads & whiteheads away. I am prone to allergies but this product, surprisingly, didn't cause skin flare-ups. Especially made for women in their 40's.

Healthy Skin BB Cream  

It gave me a flawless finish much like what a make-up foundation plus moisturizers can do. It has UVA/UVB SPF 20/PA++ to help protect against sunburn & tanning, and Vita-Complex to help nurture skin.

Pro-Slender Fiber drink (with CGMP or casein glycomacro peptide)

Since I started taking this pineapple-flavored drink, my eating binges have stopped because I feel full right away. No more second helpings.

**CGMP is a whey protein that helps control appetite so that you're fuller longer. Drink 30 minutes before meals.

L-Carnitine supplement (with Tea polyphenols)

It was only my first day of taking this supplement yesterday. Too early to tell, but so far, no side effects. I will let you know how it goes.

**L-Carnitine helps burn fat to stay in shape & energized. Take one capsule, twice a day before or after meals.

Get the details about these & other products here.

**Inspired by Aimee, I have started doing cardio exercises again by dancing & hopping on the elliptical. Yoga will be next. All done at home. ;)


  1. You don't look nearing 40's na ha! :)I guess, nakakabata talaga pag mababait ang anak, and husband, of course :)

    I wanted to try Yoga, too.. at Home! Grabe, ang mahal pala ng yoga mat. Ok, ok, that's the frugal mommy in me talking. Hehehe.

    1. Thanks, Em! Actually, I will be 2 years beyond mid-half of 40's this month. The perks of being petite...;)


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