[a breakfast smoothie]

I learned to make a veggie-fruit smoothie when I attended a raw food seminar 3 months back. The recipe I got from that workshop called for a lot of ingredients. So on my first time to try this, I just made do with what was in my pantry.

I had 3 on hand - camote tops, papaya chunks & banana slices. The camote tops came from our friendly village couple caretakers who tend a small vegetable farm nearby. We are given our share of their harvest, free-of-charge! ;)

The veggie-fruit combo,

all chopped-up & ready for the whirl,

sweetened up by stevia,

before being blended into this.

After a few minutes, this is what I had that morning -a delicious, healthy smoothie concoction.

I had 4-5 glassfuls of it for breakfast. It was so filling that I didn't feel the hunger pangs till mid-afternoon. For day 2, it was still the camote tops but this time, I mixed it with mango slices & pineapple chunks. And for this morning, the camote tops went with the apple slices. 

I have searched online for other smoothie recipes to try & found this & this. I just might include the ingredients there in my to-buy list for my next grocery stop. ;)


  1. Looks like a very healthy smoothie!

  2. Nyam Nyam Nyam!
    I hope to find Camote tops in the grocery. Gayahin kita :)

    1. Try mo na, Em! Best combined with a fruit, di Masyadong lasang gulay. :D


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