[the world's smallest & smartest kitchen : THERMOMIX TM 31]

We have an all-around helper in the house so I rarely cook. But lately, my husband & I have been talking about finding a smaller place to stay once my youngest starts college. By then, without a helper, I will go back to doing the chores myself, & that includes cooking.

Cooking can be tedious if you do it by yourself. The preps, the many implements to use, the washing afterwards. But all that will become a thing of the past once you get to know this 10-in-1 wonder machine.

I was among those shortlisted to attend the product presentation conducted by the people from MODERN INNOVATIONS ENTERPRISE, the licensed distributor of the THERMOMIX in the Philippines, who is in partnership with the Vorwerk group.



I love to spend my leisure time around home or furniture stores whenever I have the chance. Not actually into shopping because it has been six years since we purchased the sectional sofa & the dining chairs for our new house then. It's now more on getting some interior inspirations. One of my go-to places is that 3-storey building in Bonifacio High Street, the MOs Design. This specialty store carries various  imported furniture brands. The last time I went there with friends, these pendant lamps & mini soft chairs caught my eye.


[store finds : PARTY NEEDS]

Prettify your party set-up with these.

*table napkins in various colors & designs


[a Korean foodie haven: LEANN'S TEA HOUSE]

Our family will always be drawn to anything Korean, especially the cuisine. The ban chan or side dishes, the grilled meat or galbi & the spicy soups are our usual orders whenever the cravings come.

A couple of weeks ago, I got another shot at trying Korean fare at LEANN'S TEA HOUSE, this time with some new mommy blogger friends. I just couldn't pass up on this chance for another dining experience, even if it meant taking the taxi from a mall where I parked my car which was under the number-coding scheme that day. The love for Korean food just beckoned. :)

I arrived at the restaurant & caught some of the ladies already enjoying some barley tea time. I liked the simple dining area set-up on the second floor with the drop lanterns, dark-colored booth seats & Asian bric-a-brac providing the cozy ambience.