[the world's smallest & smartest kitchen : THERMOMIX TM 31]

We have an all-around helper in the house so I rarely cook. But lately, my husband & I have been talking about finding a smaller place to stay once my youngest starts college. By then, without a helper, I will go back to doing the chores myself, & that includes cooking.

Cooking can be tedious if you do it by yourself. The preps, the many implements to use, the washing afterwards. But all that will become a thing of the past once you get to know this 10-in-1 wonder machine.

I was among those shortlisted to attend the product presentation conducted by the people from MODERN INNOVATIONS ENTERPRISE, the licensed distributor of the THERMOMIX in the Philippines, who is in partnership with the Vorwerk group.

Here's the wonder machine, the TM 31

up close,


& its accessories.


To show you how versatile the product is, get a load of this.

Thermomix can replace over 10 appliances in the kitchen.  It can be your blender, food processor, cake mixer, juicer, bread maker, ice cream/yoghurt/sorbet maker, mincer, steamer, rice cooker, coffee grinder, food miller, purees, whisks, emulsifies, scale and more.  It saves time, money and space by having One kitchen appliance that can do all and even make your cooking experience fun.

Fresh juices with fiber, one minute fruit sorbets, real ice creams or perhaps a cafĂ© latte, Thermomix can do it all.  Use the fruits in season and make fresh fruit juices without the mess or create your own healthy sorbet masterpiece.

Make and knead pizza dough/ breads from real grain and enjoy the goodness and taste of getting back to basics.  Thermomix can also mill rice into rice flour, mill fresh coffee, grate chocolate, pulverize sugar into icing sugar with ease.

Prepare, cook and puree soups all in one bowl. Create fantastic sauces right at your fingertips.

Make risotto, pasta dishes, paella and more delicious meals with no stirring and done in minutes.

Healthy cooking that retains the food’s natural color and nutrients through gentle steaming via Thermomix Varoma.

Make real custards with no additives; jams, homemade preserves and desserts.

Prepare baby and children foods fresh and natural without additives.

During the product demonstration proper, we saw how the Thermomix can whip up

beverages, like the hot chocolate & lemonade,

main dishes, like the chicken adobo & pork binagoongan,

the puto (steamed mini rice cake),

desserts, like the leche flan

& the buko shake with pandan jelly.

All these we learned how hassle-free the dishes were cooked & how flavorful they tasted. This kitchen gadget commands a hefty sum (about Php 70,000 +), but if you have the money to spare & you value healthy living, I think it would be worth the price.

Thanks to MODERN INNOVATIONS ENTERPRISE & Mommy Bloggers Philippines for this chance to preview the Thermomix lifestyle.

*Find out more about the product & how you can get a seat in one of their in-house cooking demonstrations. 

Modern Innovations Enterprise  
3rd Level Promenade Building
Wilson Street cor P. Guevarra
Additional Hills, San Juan, MM
Tel. No. 570-7088

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