[sexy CHICKEN meals]

Stay-at-home moms like me have the luxury of spending a little bit more time inside the  supermarket.  And almost always, a trip would yield me a new food item or two to try. And this is my latest find - canned chicken in 3 variants.

To get the foodies in the house to 'taste-test' them, I came up with easy-peasy dishes which I thought were best suited for each variant.


This penne arabiata was my eldest's lunchbox treat from me when she went to work as a summer intern.

*In Guiltless Broth

I turned this into a simple pasta soup (chicken sopas) which was paired with fried chicken drumsticks.

*Hainanese Style

I went for the veggies in using the last variant by coming up with this sauteed bottle gourd (upo) dish.

All dishes had that fair amount of yummy chicken goodness. :) Although, we should go easy on eating canned food, I think this is still worth the try for the following reasons : it is easy to prepare; it is another alternative to protein-rich tuna; it is a healthy base for your dishes; & best of all, it can be enjoyed on its own, an instant meal for busy people.

There is another flavor, the 'adobo' variant, which I haven't tasted yet. This, I think can be served ala-rice topping. ;)

A little pricey at Php 40.00+ each but from my last grocery stop, I saw them being sold in 4-in-1 variety packs. 

How about you? What delicious dishes can you come up with per variant?


  1. Oh wow! Too bad, I did the grocery earlier today. I'll check next week if may ganyan dito sa bundok. Hihihi.

    Miss you, mommy Peach!

  2. Hi Em! I miss you, too! Hope to see you soon.


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