[customized ROMAN SHADES]

Window dressing our newly-built home was a predicament then. Never the frilly type, I thought of putting up roman shades instead. But the supplier we inquired from gave us a quotation of Php 50,000+ for all rooms on the G/F & 2/F. Talk about highway robbery! =(

So, when my mom mentioned that her curtain-maker, a local seamstress, does roman shades, I immediately contacted the lady & asked for an estimate. It was half the amount I initially got from the other supplier, but still way out of my budget. :( Since I wanted more savings, I decided to go for the roman shades only in the living, dining & family rooms. The seamstress then gave me another amount, this time at around Php 15,000.00 - Php 18,000.00. Still a no-no for me. Then she gave me an option. She would buy the mechanisms & other accessories at cost while we would provide the wooden support brackets. The latter would be easy on our part because hubby has his reliable handy men to do it for us.

This is what we came up with - our customized roman shades.

pulley mechanisms


[a REWARD for every cup of COFFEE]

My family loves to 'chillax' in cafes after having a hearty meal. We would spend an hour or two just enjoying the coziness of the place, reading a magazine or surfing the net. Two of our favorite hangout places are STARBUCKS


[my girls in their SKATER SKIRTS]

A lot of teen girls these days  are seen sporting skater skirts. 

Including my daughters.

Considered as a wardrobe staple, the skater skirt has been called such because it resembles a figure skating outfit-fitted at the waist & flared out into an A-line silhouette.   


Here are some stylish celebrities wearing theirs.

miranda kerr

taylor swift

ashley tisdale



My girls discovered another fashion store in M!2 that sells cool teen apparel. It's BALLOW & it is the sister store of DIVI VILLE, one of the shops I blogged about here.

raglan shirts, muscle shirts
& tank tops