['tis the season for a TOKYO TOKYO party]

i had a late lunch at tokyo tokyo sm taytay yesterday. the cashier gave me this brochure along with my receipt & change for the the take-away food i bought. 

since corporate christmas parties & family reunions are going to be a-plenty starting the 1st week of december, this could come in handy for those who are handling the preps. affordable & delicious meal packages are yours for the choosing (& taking). such a great idea!

*scanned copies of brochure; not a paid ad


[a BELIEBER in the house]

My youngest is so into JUSTIN BIEBER! Her iPod playlist includes songs from JB's christmas album, one of which is the carrier single, UNDER THE MISTLETOE :

She even got a special SOMEDAY perfume collection as a gift from our  relatives in the states.

And a month before that, she bought the NEVER SAY NEVER vcd.

If these things don't make her a certified BELIEBER, I don't know what else will... =)


i just had to impart this quote from mother teresa.  it came from a wall post of a good friend/co-parent in my youngest daughter's school.

it boils down to one thing, material possessions & fleeting aspirations are nothing compared to becoming a "person for others", just like what mother teresa did when she was alive. she practiced what she preached & for that, she was elevated to being a saint in no time at all after her death.

[yoga moves for flat abs]

i lost considerable weight when i was into hot flow yoga almost 2 years ago. unfortunately, since i stopped, i'm back to having the unwanted pounds.

this morning, i found this online (via yahoo! health) and decided to share this. after all, one does not have to attend exercise classes just to be fit & healthy.

for those SAHM's, doing this pose (and 8 other moves) just before doing your household chores or personal errands in the morning, can get you that yoga fix.

become fit & fab in no time. try them now!



The whole family watched 'Breaking Dawn' in Trinoma last night. As expected, a large throng of  Twilight fans queued up to see the movie. What kept me glued to the screen was not because I was into the movie per se but because Robert Pattinson was undeniably HOT! Take a load of these pictures:

As i swoon while I write this, hubby is looking over my shoulder & said " ang tanda mo na, kinikilig ka pa!".  I retorted, "Ang guapo e!" 

Really, RPATZ leveled up with respect to his gorgeousness in this movie. Even Ellen de Generes agrees. watch this:

*pictures via GOOGLE images
*video via YOUTUBE


[happy mornings with MR. FU]

driving to megamall one morning, i tuned in to an FM radio station. the dj that time was so chatty, outrageously funny, and his witty one-liners kept all of us in stitches. from that day on, i got hooked!

the funny dj turned out to be MR. FU!

Mr. Fu (or Jeffrey Espiritu in real life) is a disc jockey in wowFM 103.5.  aside from his morning radio stint (daily from 8am-11am), he is also in wow mali!, paparazzi & pinoy samurai, all tv 5 shows as segment host/co-host. 

he really is soooo funny! i breeze through my morning household chores now because listening to his "chorvah" comments gets all those happy hormones all revved up. his ridiculously sarcastic & funny pieces of advice to listeners provide a welcome comic relief to my otherwise "drab" day at home. 

listen to how hilarious he can get :

MR FU, the dj/celebrity host now touted as one of  the country's top 10 comedians, will really brighten up your day.  catch him during his morning show on your FM radio or online thru live streaming


[prefab green - the book]

may of last year, 2 couples (paternal relatives) from the u s of a arrived in manila for a 3-week visit. as typical of balikbayans, they had boxes of pasalubongs for all of us here. the usual chocolates, canned goods, grocery food items, medicines for the oldies, cosmetics, etc. however, out of all these, one pasalubong stood out for me - the coffee table book PREFAB GREEN. my tito alex, who i didn't know actually shared the same interest with me, is also into modern architecture. he told me one time that he's a frustrated architect. i have seen photos of his backyard projects in their california abode (zen-like gardens, patios & even playhouses) & i can say that we really go for the same style.

anyway, this book came right on time, when i've just joined the greenAP group.

PREFAB GREEN is a resource book on pre-fabricated sustainable houses designed & built by american architect michelle kaufmann of michelle kaufmann designs. the book features different house designs made of eco-friendly materials, with built-in utilities that are energy-efficient, water-saving & environment friendly.

look into the official site of architect michelle kaufmann to get to know the lady who came up with the designs (in collaboration with architect cathy remick) & find out how a house that is built based on sustainable design principles can have a positive impact on our environment.