The whole family watched 'Breaking Dawn' in Trinoma last night. As expected, a large throng of  Twilight fans queued up to see the movie. What kept me glued to the screen was not because I was into the movie per se but because Robert Pattinson was undeniably HOT! Take a load of these pictures:

As i swoon while I write this, hubby is looking over my shoulder & said " ang tanda mo na, kinikilig ka pa!".  I retorted, "Ang guapo e!" 

Really, RPATZ leveled up with respect to his gorgeousness in this movie. Even Ellen de Generes agrees. watch this:

*pictures via GOOGLE images
*video via YOUTUBE

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  1. hello! I am a huge Twilight fan though I am in my late 30s. hahaha! I am torn between Jacob and Edward though...but in the 3rd book I went to Team Jacob and now I can't wait to watch the movie. My daughters and I will be watching it this weekend though. Para iwas sa dami ng pila. hahaha!


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