[happy mornings with MR. FU]

driving to megamall one morning, i tuned in to an FM radio station. the dj that time was so chatty, outrageously funny, and his witty one-liners kept all of us in stitches. from that day on, i got hooked!

the funny dj turned out to be MR. FU!

Mr. Fu (or Jeffrey Espiritu in real life) is a disc jockey in wowFM 103.5.  aside from his morning radio stint (daily from 8am-11am), he is also in wow mali!, paparazzi & pinoy samurai, all tv 5 shows as segment host/co-host. 

he really is soooo funny! i breeze through my morning household chores now because listening to his "chorvah" comments gets all those happy hormones all revved up. his ridiculously sarcastic & funny pieces of advice to listeners provide a welcome comic relief to my otherwise "drab" day at home. 

listen to how hilarious he can get :

MR FU, the dj/celebrity host now touted as one of  the country's top 10 comedians, will really brighten up your day.  catch him during his morning show on your FM radio or online thru live streaming

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