[a mommy DIRECTIONER?]

With 1D music forever streaming inside our home, day in & day out, I think I am slowly turning into a Mommy Directioner, if ever there is one. ;)

Here are the signs...

I have their music on my playlist.

I sing along to their songs with matching dance moves. My girls cringe when they see me do this, especially when this is playing.

I have 1D's Penshoppe billboard ad as my phone wallpaper.

I find myself browsing through Jill's photos of the 1D quintet.

I can even rattle off their full names now effortlessly - Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayne Malik & Louis Tomlinson.

But I think, hearing their latest song, LITTLE THINGS & seeing it on video finally won me over. ;)

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  1. You are one cool, mommy, Peach!

    I also love their songs. Try looking for Boyce Avenue's version on What makes you beautiful, galing din :)


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