[the girl learns to drive]

This is my eldest getting the basics of driving from her instructor. Yesterday was her 1st day in driving school. Driving jitters she had none. It was me who had them! ;)

I went to accompany & support her in this new adventure. ;) I took the backseat. At first, it was ok, but when she set out into the highway, that's when I started to pray the rosary. ;)

The road's twists & turns, the trucks, tricycles & pedestrians who seem to come from nowhere made first-time driving for Kirsten a little 'difficult' & for the 'protective' mom, just downright nerve-wracking. It didn't help that Instructor J made 'condescending' remarks about my daughter's 'lack of focus'. What's to expect from a newbie? Even I wasn't spared. I got reprimanded by him because of my 'backseat driver ' comments. :(

Day 2 was a whole lot better. Instructor D is a calm & collected guy. He gave clear instructions but did not spare her from constructive comments, if needed. Kirsten was more at ease driving today because of this. She weaved her way through the thoroughfares of Taytay & Antipolo, bad traffic & all. A lot relaxed now, with good footwork but according to Instructor D, she has to hone her steering wheel skills.

I told hubby about the extended sessions. Her daddy said yes. Additional expense but maybe he thinks having an additional driver in the family won't hurt especially if it means another one to substitute for him. ;)


  1. Yay Kirsten! Hmp that instructor J sounds like a bad instructor. Shouldn't he boost the student's confidence rather than putting her down? grr to him. Nakah feeling ko i'd be a nervous wreck too!

    1. yes, nakakainis sya. :/ his comments added to her & my nervousness.


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