[WENDY's now]

Before being picked up by hubby after a day of 'solo malling', I took a quick meal at the newly-refurbished/reinvented WENDY'S at Glorietta 3.

It's so nice that they have decided to freshen up their store's look.

I like the neutral tones.

The red brick walls with the stamped-on Wendy's giant seal.

The photo murals.

The food counter with both their classic sandwiches & salads plus new meal offerings on their menu.

The pressure-laminated tables & chairs.

My sister & niece mentioned about their affordable REAL DEAL MEALS, like this crunchy spring rolls + rice meal. Only Php 49.00 (add Php 10.00 for a regular softdrinks). But I upgraded to iced tea for Php 15.00, regular size, on top of the Php 10.00. So, my total bill was only Php 74.00 for a meal that was filling & yummy. Best eaten while it's hot so as not to lose the spring rolls' crunchiness.

Go visit Wendy's & enjoy their food. ;)


  1. Wendy's has always been our choice during College days. Ang sarap tlaga lalo na their fries and iced tea, no? :)

    I know a slight history of Wendy's..but hhve to verify of si Wendy nga ba yun or si Goldilocks. hehehe


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