[sun baffles & pancakes]

Hubby & I had an early breakfast date at IHOP. Much has been heard about the long queue of diners outside the restaurant almost everyday. And that is how it was this morning. We got ourselves in line at no. 20! :(

Discouraged by the thought that it will take us longer to eat breakfast, I told hubby that we should go some place else, but he insisted on waiting it out since my workshop was still 3 hours away. So, to make the most of our time there, we looked around, saw the flurry of construction activities around the area & talked about the construction boom in BGC. Yes, being technical people, we can't help but talk about these things. ;)

Anyway, we took notice of these two buildings with a common facade treatment.

The middle structure in the first photo

& this one.

The perforated metal panels are called brise soleil or sun baffles. Aside from adding aesthetics to the building, they mainly serve to block off direct heat from the sun and at the same time, let in ventilation & light. With this, maximum comfort inside the building is achieved due to reduced heat build-up.

After half an hour, my name was called out & we were led to our seats at the ground floor.

We ordered these.

Two cups of refillable decaf coffee. We were given a medium-sized flask containing the hot liquid & was replenished upon request.

I had the Simple & Fit Spinach, Mushroom & Tomato Omelette. It is a meat-free omelette made with egg substitute, fresh spinach, mushrooms, onions & Swiss cheese topped with diced tomatoes. It came with a small serving of mixed seasonal fruit. It was yummy for something that is light & healthy. Priced at Php 325.00. Serving portion for one person only.

Hubby ordered the Split Decision Breakfast. It had two triangles of french toast & two buttermilk pancakes served with a hearty combination of two eggs, two crispy bacon strips & two pork sausage links. Hubby had leftover pancakes as the main meal made him full. Priced at Php 325.00. Best for sharing especially if you are not the big eater type.

Except for those instances when it took them a long time to give our bill, attend to our requests for our glasses of water, & of course, the queueing problem, overall, our dining experience at IHOP was ok.


  1. Wow buti pa kayo na-experience niyo na :)

    1. If BGC is too far from your place, go there on a weekend, pero dapat super early ka lang

  2. I couldn't get myself to go there again just yet, because of that waiting time. Haha! :) I hope they open another one so that people won't flock at that single branch.

    1. Average waiting time nila is 30 minutes. You will be so hungry by the time they let you in. :( I want to try their oatmeal. ;)


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