[pre-Christmas holiday trip: EVERYTHING NICE & CAFE BY THE RUINS]

One of the things we look forward to doing during out-of-town trips is food-tripping. In our recent Baguio sojourn, we dined in 2 of the nicest cafes in the city.


It was our first time to dine here & so glad we did. ;) This Ayala Technohub-CJH shop was our first meal stop upon arriving in the city.

Since it was already way past lunchtime, we just ordered a pasta meal,  a sandwich & some cakes to go with our hot cups of coffee & pots of tea.

tarragon mint tea

pastel-colored plates

clubhouse sandwich
mango cheesecake

oreo cheesecake
a tomato-based pasta
It was one cozy place for dining & lazing around that chilly Saturday afternoon.


A quaint cafe tucked somewhere in the city center.

I love how the place is festively adorned with buntings of all sorts.



japanese-like lantern

Since most of us were under the weather, we ordered this hot lemongrass & mint tea concoction served in a metal teapot. It came also with honey & lemon wedges.

We had this bread-butter-&-strawberry jam while waiting for our food orders.

Then came the main meals. I like it that they are served with brown rice & a tomato-onion side dish.

Tita Susie's crispy tapa

Baguio bagnet
The pasta meals served with freshly-baked bread slices.

spinach pasta with pili pesto
lemon ricotta &
chicken breast pasta

They also have a bakery section located near the main entrance.

A dap-ay or Ifugao ritual area can also be found in an open area beside the main dining hall.  

Cafe by the Ruins definitely proved true to its claim.

Good food worth the money we paid for in these cafes. =) Go check them out when you're in Baguio.


  1. I love Baguio! Especially CJH. I didnt know they have a technohub in there already. I can see the fog in your picture. Saraaaap!

    1. Nice hangout place. Reminds me so much of boni high street.😊


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