[pre-Christmas holiday trip: C-BOUTIQUE HOTEL]

We spent our pre-Christmas holiday in Baguio. We had my mom, my sister & her 2 teenagers in tow. We stayed at this relatively new boutique hotel which, just like the other hotel, was a happy online discovery. ;)

The C-Boutique Hotel. All decked-out for the holidays.

The room where we slept in for 2 nights.

Main bedroom area. I chose the loft-type room.

Loft space.


We had a generous supply of natural & organic toiletries by Zenutrients. They are made from coconut oil, calamansi extract & lemon essential oil.

Outside our room.

The stairway leading to the upper floor bedrooms.


The restaurant & bar.

Where these complimentary breakfasts were taken.

Over a cup of freshly-brewed coffee, or a glass of either lemonade or iced tea.

The 2nd floor living area is nice for lounging around.

Loved the interior details!

The exterior areas are just as inviting.

Alfresco seating/dining area

with a built-in fire pit.

No worries during your stay. The main parking area is manned 24/7 by security personnel. We had ours parked in front of the hotel.

The warm hotel staff truly made our stay here such a  pleasant experience. Even my coordination with their sales people was a breeze. Reservation was quickly finalized upon deposit of the 50% D/P. They even accommodated my request to  have 8 of us in a single family loft room. Definitely, there will be a 2nd time around here for us ... =)

If a trip to Baguio is in the offing for your family, you can try out this hotel by inquiring or booking here.


  1. hi.. i was browsing for pics of c boutique hotel and i stumbled upon your site. very nice blog, but some of the pics on this entry seem to be broken. but overall, really nice designs you have here on your site. keep it up.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. ;)

      I seem to have problems with the pictures. I guess i have to upload again.

    2. hi! you can view this post again.;)

  2. Awesome! That was a really nice hotel.

    Btw, how was the food? Do the rooms have wifi and ref? Were there free drinking water (hot and cold) during your stay? Sorry for so many questions but I hope you'd have time to answer them :D This will be our first time to visit Baguio with our toddler and I want it to be special and stress-free. Your blog helped me decide which hotel to book and I will definitely get the loft type room as well. Yay! Thank you and keep it going!

    1. Overall, it was a very satisfactory stay for us. ;) They were really accommodating to our every request. The food was super sarap! Not a breakfast buffet though but you will have to choose from their menu. There were complimentary bottled water/per number of occupants inside the room during your entire stay, replenished everyday. And the same goes for the toiletries too. Go book here na. ;)

  3. Hi Arkimom,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us. I have stumbled upon your blog since I am looking for some write ups about the hotel. I reserved 2 nights in this hotel for next month as a treat for my mom for her birthday, ( a short getaway for me as well) Hehe. The interiors are really fantastic and I heard that the food is indeed superb! Can't wait for my visit! Thanks again!


    1. No problem. Write me back how your stay in C Boutique went. ;)


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