[arm candies & more]

I am more into bracelets. I feel that wearing arm candies somehow  provides that dressed-up look even if you're just in a pair of jeans & a tee.

If you can shop online for nice accessories, would you love to own one of these?

Aside from bracelets, there are also neck pieces, anklets, earrings & rings.

Pifer & Pudsey Collections is owned by a friend, Gail, an architect living with her hubby in Singapore. She named her business after her dogs - a shitzu & a pomeranian.

She got into this because she wanted something to pre-occupy herself while waiting for her husband to come home from work. Initially, she toyed with the idea of selling pet accessories or clothes but she found these not so feasible in SG anymore. She went into selling fashion accessories instead. For her first batch of items, she got them from China via a Korean supplier. The quality, as expected, was not that good. So, when she found out she can handcraft it herself, control the quality & get more profits this way, she decided to just buy the parts, beads & charms from the UK & the US & make her own.

When she launched it online late November of last year, she never expected it to be warmly received. Today, according to her, it is doing ok & way beyond her expectations.

For inquiries or orders, just go to her FB page.

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