Last year, the two older girls in our family marked their 18th year milestones in two separate simple celebrations.

ANYA's in Lorenzo's Way & Mary Grace

KIRSTEN's in Elias & Jamba Juice

I can still remember when my sister & I got pregnant almost at the same time. Both of us were still working moms then. After office hours, I would  go straight to Megamall where I will be picked up by my sister & my dad. Since preggy moms are known to be voracious eaters, there we were, 2 ladies with baby bumps enjoying our eating spree at the food stalls near the supermarket. Almost everyday. ;)

My sister gave birth to my niece three months ahead of me. Since, we were also next-door neighbors, the two girls literally grew up together,

belonged to the same barkada in high school;

went to the same school (pre-school to high school);

took trips together with the family;

in SG

in Bora

and graduated in high school on the same year.

They later went on to different universities. Right after their high school graduation, Anya migrated to the States with her folks but returned to Manila more than 12 months later to continue her studies here.

college freshmen
How swiftly time flies! The babies we once held in our arms have now blossomed into young ladies, both of  them slowly coming into their own & studying hard to prepare for their future.

Yes, our girls turned 18 & with that, my sister & I realized that we've added numbers to our age, too. I guess, we have reached that point in our lives as moms that much to our protestations, we must loosen our "grip" on the girls to allow them to foray into the "real world". Like what they say, our children are not ours to keep forever. Parents are merely their children's stewards.  And so far, where they are now, my sister & I know that we have raised them well & hopefully, they will still hold their own, right values & all in the years to come.

Anya & Kirsten,

Turning 18 is a time to celebrate for it is the start of adulthood. But may this remind you that there is also what you call "responsible freedom". You just don't do the things you want at the spur of the moment. Everything must be thought out real well before  acting on them. Of course, you are allowed to make mistakes for you to learn, but commit no costly ones. And always stay close to Him through prayers for it will surely tide you over those troubled times.

Good luck & God bless you!

From your moms who will forever regard the two of you as their little girls... 

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  1. What a heartwarming post Peachy! I will remember the "responsible freedom" part and will try to instill that in my little girl once she turns 18 too.


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