[LOVE is never late, only the ROSES]

Finally, I received my bunch of roses from the hubby last night, post Valentine's Day! =)

This will officially be the 6th 8th time he has given me flowers in all of the more than 19 years we have been together... ;)

I am guessing from among these reasons why it came a day late :

a. he was too busy with work he forgot the occasion yesterday;
b. he didn't want to jostle his way through love-struck men in crowded flower shops just to buy a bunch; 
c. the frugal hubby found the prices of flowers too steep on valentine's day.

Me thinks it's all of the above! =D

Though I got the roses the day after, I don't mind. He's the kind of person who is not into the flower-&-chocolate thing anyway. But for the longest time, & consistently at that, he has been the good husband & father to his girls. I would never trade that part of him for anything in this world, except maybe for an occasional luxe gift or two, once in a while... ;)

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