[MOMMY sentiments]

One time, I was looking at these pictures of my girls, & suddenly, it dawned on me that they are already teenagers

& no longer the cutesy babies & toddlers, 

I used to hold in my arms. I asked myself, 'are they really the little ones I carried back then?'

I don't remember growing older. Where have all the years gone?

Thank God for giving me my two chances to be a mommy. My journey has been one roller-coaster ride, but the joys of being one made the trip all worth it. =)


  1. Aaaww.. You just made me cry :(

    Cliche as it may sound, Time really goes by so fast. A few years from now, I will be writing a post similar to this, too.

    Anyway, as I see it, your girls.. errr.. teens must be really close to each other. You and your husband has done a great job in raising your mini-you and mini-him.

    May God always bless your family.

    1. When i wrote this post, tears rolled down my face shamelessly... :( parang if i can have my way, they will forever be babies & toddlers like yours, aimee's, fleur's, ging's, maggie's, marsy's the other mommy bloggers'. Actually, seeing your posts about y our little kids inspired me to write about this. :)

      Thanks, Em! God bless you, too!:)


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