The succulents that I bought many months back were finally placed in my empty planters. 

From these

to these!

Here's how I did the job with much help from our 'manang':

1. Fill the bottom of the planter with gravel until it's 2" deep.

2. Next, cut the cloth filter to size, covering almost the top of the gravel bedding.

3. Place another 2"-3" deep of soil mix.

4. Plant the succulents, preferably one of each variety, for a more natural arrangement.

After an hour or two, they are now all lined-up in our balcony.


  1. i like the arrangement! pretty and neat.. this inspired me to plant tuloy.. hehe..

    1. Thank you! ;)

      You should. Therapeutic to plant & see them grow right before your eyes. And, plants prettify a space. :)

  2. Hi Peachy! I've been reading your blog for quite a while. This is my first time to comment :) Just want to say that I enjoy your posts especially whenever you feature tidbits of your lovely home. I love the succulents and even the balcony you have there. Your home has a great and relaxing view, which we rarely experience in the city.

    Thank you for linking up my blog, you just don't know how much it made me happy :)

    Have a great week!

    1. No problem with the link-up. Just returning what you did to mine. =)


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