[blooming BRANCHES]

I have already blogged about how I go for simple floral set-ups here. The interest hasn't waned, more so when I saw these lovely arrangements just this morning.

southern living

pottery barn

I am thinking of ditching the arrangement I have now in our living room. But I am faced with a predicament.

I haven't seen real blooming branches being sold in flower markets (Dangwa or M!2). If I plant one, I am not sure if it will thrive here high up in the mountains where it is cooler compared to Manila. But if all else fails, I think the only way to go is to buy those faux ones being sold in home stores.

I hope to find a bunch soon. My home is in dire need of a revamp. Help!


  1. peg ko yan nung wedding namin... kaso at that time it was really hard to look for blooming branches. But I saw some already. I will tell you pag nakakita ako ulit :) - D

  2. Ganda, di ba? =)

    thanks, D! - di ako sanay na D ang tawag ko sayo, Atty! ;)


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