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It's prom season!

I have been seeing tons of prom pictures being posted on FB. And just this week, I got to talk to a co-parent about her daughter's own preps for the JS prom. I realized going to one now has become expensive, way different from when my eldest had hers 2 years back.

She had her hair & make-up done in AZTA URBAN Salon, Robinson's Metro East branch. I was happy with how she was dolled-up - simple, not overdone. Just the look that matched her age.

Her gown was a yellow number by Ryan Sarangay. It was a two-piece set - a bustier top with a sweetheart neckline & a princess-cut skirt given the right touch of embellishments. She looked just  like Belle, the Disney princess. ;)

Next year it will be my youngest's turn. Given her personality, she wouldn't go for those slightly skin-baring gowns. Besides, such is not allowed in her school anyway. So to give me an idea on how she would look all dressed-up for the prom, I made her try something simple off-the-rack. I think it was made of taffeta  in champagne hue. The ribbon-flower-tulle accent completed the look.

I find it nice on her. :)

What do you think?


  1. one of the reason's why i want to have a girl is for me to experience being a prom girl's mom! haha

    your girl looks so happy in her gown!

    1. Hi maqui! Yes, she's a simple girl but she wants to dress up once in a while for parties.


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