I featured these pillows before.

Yesterday, I finally bought 2 of the designs -London & Paris. For the longest time, my youngest has been asking for one.

When I saw them the first time in Robinson's Metro East, I thought they were mere throw pillows. But when I went back to the store a month after, I found out they were actually pillows in bags

& a piece is not 100 but worth almost 300 pesos!

They are so practical & convenient to have. Since each pillow comes with a bag, it can be brought  anywhere - for dozing-off in the car during out-of-town trips, for sleepovers, or to other places where you need to catch up on those zzzzz's.

A great find! ;)


  1. Great find indeed! They are lovely :)

  2. Replies
    1. At the home section of Robinson's Metro East. But check out their other branches, Nina. ;)


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