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My eldest tagged me on her FB post of this. She told me she'd love to have one like this at home.

Ever the bookworm, Kirsten would surely spend most of her time here, surrounded by her unlimited collection of books.

When we were building our house, I wanted my girls to each have a reading niche by the window. But my husband nixed the idea & opted instead for freestanding bookshelves for reasons of space flexibility.

But really! If the architect only had her way, she would have chosen any of these designs :

A built-in window seat (with bookshelves) is a practical add-on to your home. Not only will it give you extra storage space for the things inside the room, it can also provide you that nice, cozy spot to spend your "me-time".  For those who have teenagers around the house, this will easily turn them into homebodies. Find your inspirations here or here.

photo source: GOOGLE images  

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  1. I love Kirsten's idea!!! Haaay... Floor to ceiling full of books is love!! I will insist that to Alvin when we finally build our own house!


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