[lights out]

Do your share to save the Earth. Switch off your lights for an hour this Saturday, March 31, 2012 (from 8:30pm-9:30 pm). 

From your homes, offices, business establishments or anywhere you might be on that hour, participate in this movement. Or you can attend the WWF-led switch-off ceremonies in Makati, Davao & Cebu.

The Ayala Triangle Gardens is the venue for the Luzon hub. Andy Ridley, Earth Hour founder & Executive Director will personally be in Makati for the ceremony to acknowledge our contribution to this cause. The Philippines has been cited as the 3-time Earth Hour champion & an official Earth Hour country.

You can also join the I WILL IF YOU WILL campaign & give your pledges on what you will do to help save the Earth. Make it public by coming up with your own I WILL IF YOU WILL statements & post them on the WWF-Philippines Facebook page:

sample pledge
Be a green warrior for the Earth. Join Earth Hour.

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