I remember doing calligraphy during my high school days. I think we used the speedball pens then. And for some time now, I have been seeing FB & IG posts of Patricia's & Ging's works which somehow piqued my interest to try it. 

A few Saturdays ago, I got to join one of Ink Scribbler's workshops, thanks to Erlaine who shared the info.  :)

Erl & I came in just a few minutes before the workshop started & by then, almost all the participants were already there. 

We were assigned a table each & on top was our kit.

A small bottle of ink, a pencil, a pen holder & a flexible nib safely tucked inside a small brown envelope.

After a round of brief introductions, Alexis proceeded with the basics of calligraphy.

We had this yellow file folder

of practice sheets to write on, first starting with a pencil to get those strokes going

then later with the flexible nib

which we inserted in a bamboo pen holder.

Then a pair of shot glasses were given to us, one for the ink & another for the water to wash down the ink.

Using the nib can be tricky at first. No pressure means thin lines but if you press it down, the tines separate & you come up with thick lines.

Here's a nifty area with wooden clothespins where we got to hang our practice sheets to dry.

During a short break, I went around to look at the nice set-up done in the room. ;)

a faux topiary
on top of a teapot set
a collection of nibs & inks
a grouping of frames
a pair of 'takatak' horses
in floral prints

Here's a bunch of my classmates seated together, with some working on their strokes, the others engaging in small talk. ;)

We each had this piece of red velvet cupcake by Cupcake Lab for snack. ;)

A peek into what came out of my initial attempts at calligraphy. Still a little rusty on the strokes. :(

Here's the short quote translated into writing. I really have to work on the contrast between the thick & thin lines. 

The framed 'welcome' sign

where I had a picture taken with AlexisErl.

I really enjoyed my time in this workshop. :) Get the same experience by hopping over to inkscribbler.com & get details on workshop schedules. 


  1. Hi Peachy! Calligraphy seems to be coming back these days. I've seen a number of bloggers and crafters showcasing their calligraphy works.

    Have a great week ahead!

    1. Hi Diane! Old school but such a joy to do. ;)


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