[our scoops of MORELLI'S]

To end a filling lunch of pastas & flavored iced teas,  we all went for a gelato fix at Morelli's last Sunday.

It's so easy to spot this gelato cafe. The purple cans atop the white tufted counter wall are so conspicuous. :)

Don't you just love the contrast? :)

From their glass-encased display counter, you could see through a wide selection of creamy, yummy variants to choose from.

The girls & I went for a scoop each of pistachio, tiramisu,

& strawberry.

The health-conscious hubby chose the yogurt.

And while we sat by the big picture window enjoying our cups of gelato, we took in a spectacular view of the towering St. Francis Shangrila Place nearby.

Try Morelli's at Shangrila Plaza Mall East Wing & Power Plant Mall. 

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