[a HAPPY BARN to be in]

Craving for something milky to drink, other than the teas, Kirsten & I tried out this newest beverage place, The Happy Barn Milkshake Factory. ;)

From their menu, I picked one from the Cowie's Specials & ordered this for her, the Berry Happy Monkey. It is a smooth concoction of low-fat ice cream with 20% sugar content & strawberry & banana fruit bits. 

The delicious milkshake we had was at Php 120.00. Worth what we paid for it! :) 

You can choose to have mix-ins or toppings, but we wanted ours plain. It would cost an extra Php 15.00 (favorite) or Php 20.00 (premium) if you prefer your drink with those.

And while waiting for our milkshake, we sat down here,

a small dining area where there's a merry mix of pastel-painted wooden chairs & a 'batibot'. :)

***The Happy Barn Milkshake Factory
   G/F Market!Market!
   Taguig City, MM 

Other branches: 

*Rustan's EVIA (Las Pinas) 
*Rustan's Marketplace (Power Plant Mall)

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