[good food & HIGH SCHOOL memories]

Being an SAHM has its perks & one of the many is having the luxury of meeting up with good friends over lunch & coffee or tea for three hours tops.

I did just that when I went to see three high school buddies on separate occasions.

The first one was with Gemma & Miriam. We had a chance meeting at Mary Grace Cafe in Serendra Piazza earlier but decided to spend the rest of the day catching up.

Lunch was at nearby Wee Nam Kee,

& we had these delectable dishes to enjoy.

spicy salt & pepper ribs
Hainanese chicken
fried rice
honey crispy squid
Sambal kangkong

Tea time later was at Slice High Street where we had these baked goodies to try.

choco monkey PB
red velvet
double choco yema

My second meet-up was with a balikbayan barkada, Cleofe, or Paquits to close friends. Since she was staying in her mom's house along Commonwealth Avenue, I suggested the new UP Town Center at the Katipunan area.

We dined at Boon Tong Kee,

where we went halves on these Singaporean dishes.

poached Chinese spinach
with assorted eggs
Hainanese chicken

We were both running late for our next appointments so we passed up on coffee time & took  a rain check instead. Hopefully, on her next Manila stop.:)

*Wee Nam Kee
 Serendra Piazza

 Slice High Street
 Bonifacio High Street Central

**Boon Tong Kee
  U.P. Town Center
  Katipunan Ave.
  Diliman, QC


  1. This is something the male populace can never understand about us :) I'm discovering new restaurants from your blog. Hopefully I'll be able to try Stacey's too.

  2. hi diane! yup, we ladies really bond like no other! :)

    but the downside to eating out is the added poundage. :(


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