[a box of BRAZO CUPS]

Maggie's yummy brazo de mercedes cups became the other star in the surprise baby shower party we hosted for Aimee. ;) 

The one I tasted during the get-together had me craving for seconds. That's why I ended up ordering a box of 6 from her. I took home that box when we did lunch together last week.

I saw her blog post about this guilt-free kitchen she & her friend went to - the Yellow Halo. Wanting to also try out their so-called 'less than 500 calorie meals, I set a date with her. After many postponements, we finally got to meet last Tuesday. 

Maggie only had a bottle of Bayani Brew since she was off to a meeting next. But famished as I was then, I ordered a glass of watermelon basil smoothie,   

to go with my mixed seafoods, one of the healthy plates offered.

I liked the fresh fruit chunks, steamed mixed vegetables & the brown rice. :) Not too happy though about the stir-fried mixed seafoods. 

Anyway, it was a rather quick lunch, with barely thirty minutes of girl talk. Maggie was one busy lady so I had to let her go. I headed back to the mall to get my car, lugging my box of brazo cups.

At home, hubby had the first cup & liked it. So, did my girls, when they had theirs during the weekend.

They loved the fluffy, soft meringue & the subtle sweetness of the custard filling. 

Each cup definitely tastes as good as it looks. :)

Get your orders now from Maggie by contacting her thru her blog or her FB page, Bites

Great for holiday giveaways. :) 


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