A close friend suggested for us to stay in one of the hotels inside Disneyland for convenience's sake.  Though the hotel rates are much higher inside the theme park, I decided to just go for it since I wanted this trip to be filled with good memories for the girls. =)

I booked  online for our Hollywood Hotel stay. Right after a short peek & some photo ops at the theme park entrance, we went straight to the hotel to check in.

The hotel's theme is Hollywood with all-things-Disney. Kids & kids-at-heart would love to be in a place like this. It brings out only happy feelings. ;)

Driveway entry.

Main lobby entrance.

The youngest captures the reflection of the Mickey Mouse ears.

Checking in with hubby.

Lobby area.


Mickey Mouse silhouette on the wall.

Mickey Mouse on a pedestal.

Elevator lobby.

Elevator door etchings.

Wall sconce.


Alabaster drop lamps.

Lamp details.

Intricate back-lit wall accent.

Looking through Disneyland's guide map.

The souvenir shop inside the hotel, near the main entrance.

The room where we stayed for 3 nights.

Twin sharing (but good for 4).

Coffee, tea & sugar stash.

Hotel newsletter, postcards & stationery.

This time it's the eldest who does the reflection thing.

The t&b.

Sea creature face towel.


Bathing behind this shower curtain.


Soap dish.

Tumbler set.

Hotel grounds.

Trying out a Mickey Mouse bench.

A view of Inspiration Lake.

Exploration continues.

Posing in front of those BIG letters.

Beyond the fence is the big swimming pool.

Father & son join the line to the shuttle bus bound for the theme park.

On our last day, we did breakfast at the hotel's restaurant, buffet style.

Dining area.

Mickey Mouse pancakes, bacon, dimsum, smiling donuts.

A plate of pastries - tart, cinnamon roll & a Mickey Mouse biscuit.

Disney characters on the wall.

A fruit cup.

Mickey Mouse cutouts on the back of the chairs.

Mickey Mouse luminaires.

Satisfied diners. ;)

So if you want a total Disneyland experience, check in one of these delightful Disney-themed hotels. 

***Photo credits to my daughters.


  1. Fun! I would love to bring Tala there someday!

  2. When we went to HK, we were considering Hollywood Hotel too. Kaso medyo mahalia ;) It's really nice, we attempted to tour the hotel. Nakakatuwa, especially for those who remain kids at heart.


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