[YUMMY lessons]

i learn a lot from clicking on the lessons tab on the YUMMY website.  for someone who is still clueless on anything & everything that is kitchen-related, this site is helpful.

on this tab, there are sub-tabs that give you pointers on


how to make california maki

using citrus rinds

DIY: wedding giveaways

how to de-vein a shrimp

chopping methods


prepping & cooking tricks for organic greens

how to make chai latte

how to make corn dogs

how to make super-easy gravy

how to make easy marinara sauce

and baking

baking 101

how to be your own chocolatier

how to make churros

how to make homemade glazed doughnuts

how to make fondant cake

some of the lessons are written by known chefs like HENY SISON & GINO GONZALEZ, to name a few.

be kitchen-savvy now  by learning the YUMMY way!

photo source: YUMMY website

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