[raymond + minnie = ANDI]

the biscochos hold a special place in my heart. 

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i've known raymond & minnie since our market!market! days. back then, they were still a dating couple. they were part of the design team that i was regularly coordinating with. following up plans & details from them would sometimes mean engaging in small talks about things not work-related. through these mini bonding times, i got to know them & eventually endeared themselves to me.

raymond & minnie are both architects, a profession we shared. both innately good-natured, sweet & thoughtful, we gravitated towards each other like a family.  after the project was completed, they both took a career move & relocated themselves to dubai & later in hk. despite the years & the distance,  i still got updates on their lives together, with minnie even finding the time to see fleur & me (with matching gifts on hand) whenever she's in manila.

after years of working overseas, they got married here. unfortunately, because of a pre-set family reunion, their tagaytay wedding was something i sorely missed out on attending. 

after their wedding, it was off to hk again for the newly-hitched couple to start a family. after almost a year, minnie became a mother to li'l andi.

around november of the following year, andi celebrated her 1st birthday party. as soon as the cute alice-in-wonderland themed  invitation arrived,  i made sure we would attend this one.

fast forward to may of this year.

during our recent hk family sojourn, we got to visit the biscochos in their tung chung flat. there, we got to see andi for the first time. our gracious hosts treated us to lunch, with andi playing with kirsten & jill & entertaining us with her cute & smart antics. minnie was by then in her last few days of being a full-time mom as she was set to start in her new job as soon as the nanny arrives. i saw for myself their closeness as a family specially minnie & andi's bond. i'm sure, minnie didn't regret going into a hiatus for a year to take care of andi herself. i still remember i advised her to take the leave, nix the second thoughts of resigning from her job & grab the opportunity to be a hands-on mom. 

 see here how adorable ANDI stole our hearts...

thanks to raymond, minnie & andi for the time spent in your home. here's to many years of friendship...

photo sources: minnie's fb account for the family pictures

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  1. hi peach! thank you so much! =). you are always welcome in our humble home. hope to see you on december. hugs!


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