[no bragging rights here]

arki_mom came to be because i wanted to do the following:
  • let out my love for writing 
  • channel my inner thoughts into words
  • share my keen interests on architecture/interior design by recommending websites i get design inspirations from
  • share first-hand experiences on places i've gone to & products i've tried (these i have yet to tackle)
  • share family anecdotes especially about my girls

although there's so much to enjoy in blog-writing, i only realized now that there are also downsides, like these:
  • your blog posts, especially if it's on a personal note like "mommy" views, will be subject to negative reactions/contradicting opinions or sometimes misconstrued as imposing on the reader 
  • writing about family achievements, material acquisitions, out-of-town/out-of-country trips will come out to some as "flaunting"

it's sad when i think of the cons of blogging but definitely it will never take away the love that comes with writing.

with that, i'm thinking of changing my account name because first & foremost, i'm no mommy-blogger nor a parenting expert. when i thought of that moniker, i just wanted to be identified as a mom who is also an architect by profession. probably the blog name, "ALSO.AN.ARCHITECT" will be a better alternative...

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