remember my post on living rooms? this time, it's all about dining rooms...

create your own dining spaces by way of these design ideas which i found in design sponge.com.

if you're into the mixing & matching of furniture and accent pieces to get that different but put-together look then, design sponge is the place to browse ideas. look at how the chairs & tables plus the accessories blend together without really trying.

BERTOIA wire chairs + natural wood table + built-in bench seating +  stainless steel pendant lamp
white pressure-laminated chairs + dark-wood table + pink glass pendant lamp

upholstered wood chairs + IKEA-type  paper pendant lamp

upholstered wood chairs in prints + globe pendant lamp

long upholstered bench + high-back seats in  covers +  pendant lamp in natural fabric

black & white upholstered chairs + modern round table + Le Klint pendant lamp

EIFFEL wire base chair + dark wood table +candelabra-type pendant lamp  

design sponge.com is a design blog run by brooklyn-based writer, grace bonney. running 7 years since it was launched, it was declared the martha-stewart living for the millenials.

in the website, you are given many options, like the  DIY tab which you can click if you're martha stewart-ish;  the BEFORE & AFTER tab where you can learn about "re-inventing" your flea market finds like furniture, home accessories or just simple home renovations; the SPACES tab or the famous SNEAK PEEKS to get ideas for each room in your home & the PLACES tab to search for global trends in interior design. 

go here now to explore design sponge. happy design idea hunting...


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