[lance, scott, leif, shaun & parker]

if you're a certified GEN-X'r like me, then you will remember the teen heartthrobs of the 80's


LANCE KERWIN of JAMES AT 15 - my ultimate crush!



SCOTT BAIO of HAPPY DAYS & CHARLES IN CHARGE - my ate went crazy over him!


i remember back then that i would be asking my relatives from the states to send me copies of TIGER BEAT. these guys  made a lot of teeners swoon & go gaga over them, including ME! 

anyway, i googled them & found out how they look & where they are now.

lance is now a pastor working in a christian-based rehab camp U-TURN for CHRIST in perris, california; arrested once for cocaine possession but the charges were later dropped; once divorced but now has remarried  & has 3 children; not keen on acting again despite offers; last seen in the movie "outbreak" - 1995

leif is still into singing & has  a band, LEIF GARRETT & the CRUSH-UPS; had a difficult time staying sober all his life as he was into drugs & alcohol at an early age; dated nicolette sheridan of desperate housewives for 6 years; was arrested in 2006 for heroin possession & riding the train without a ticket.

shaun is now a tv producer, his latest work is the tv series, "invasion"; was into singing, with his song, "da doo ron ron" hitting #17 on the german charts in 1977; his mother is shirley jones & his half brother is david cassidy, also an actor-singer.

parker is still an actor, his recent appearances include "trapped", "legend of the seeker" & "terror peak" with "wonder woman", lynda carter; once married to actress, kirstie alley with whom he has 2 adopted children; studied architecture in princeton; starred in "hardy boys", "baywatch" & "probe"

scott is still into acting, his last movies were "baby geniuses 2" & "cursed"; had a long string of actress-girlfriends, among them nicolette sheridan, brooke shields, heather locklear & pamela anderson of "baywatch" fame, to whom he was once engaged to; now happily settled to renee sloan, also an actress & has a daughter.  

among the 5 actors, only lance & leif  were into drugs & almost ruined their lives. this just mirrors real life, that fame can really be a source of destruction if one does not know how to handle it and stay grounded.

how about you, who were the heartthrobs of your teen years? 

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