[the blessing that is BO SANCHEZ]

i got these from the mail last month - complimentary copies of a book & a magazine which both came from BO SANCHEZ.

the book, AWAKEN THE HEALER IN YOU, will reveal to you  the "thieves that are stealing your health: the spiritual, emotional & chemical toxins in your body". in it you will know how you can empower the inner healer in you so that you can bounce back to good health. very timely reading matter since  fitness & wellness are so "current" these days. 

the magazine,    K for KERYGMA, contains " inspiring real life stories & teaching articles to touch your heart & feed your mind & soul". a sure way to make you love & believe in Him more. the featured topic for august, which i got, is on overcoming life's hurdles & how you can "win your battles with trust & hope".

by the way, K magazine is just one of the many magazines of shepherd's voice publications. among them,

FISH, a "fun & cool magazine for the youth" with articles on the latest music, trivia, technology, fashion & more. two-time winner for BEST YOUTH MAGAZINE at the 2008-2009 catholic mass media awards;

ALL-STAR, a magazine for the tweeners-fr 10 - 13 y/o's; &

MUSTARD, a colorful & informative magazine for the "very young". BEST CHILDREN's MAGAZINE in the 30th catholic mass media awards.

if interested to subscribe, log on to kerygma's website store.

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