[a breath of fresh air]

did you know that putting house plants inside a room not only give a touch of nature in it but also make it a healthier place to be in?

from an article i read in good housekeeping, usa, a released study conducted by NASA & LANDCARE NETWORK revealed that several common house plants take away airborne toxins, such as benzene,  formaldehyde & carbon monoxide from the air. in fact, they removed as much as 87% of these chemicals from the air in a 24-hour period. one plant for every 100 square feet (or 9.29 square meters) will give you the best results, with even a few plants making a difference.

consider these house plants when decorating your home:

bamboo palm


boston fern

english ivy

peace lily

spider plant

gerbera daisy
for more info on the health & well-being advantages of indoor plants, check here . 

photo source: GOOGLE images

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