I know. I really should stop indulging in sugar-loaded food such as ice cream because the excess weight won't go away. Blame it on age or my procrastination on that much delayed weight-loss project, but there's something in  desserts that make you happy despite...

And so, Jill & I discovered one day how yummy the new cookie butter Mcflurry is. ;)

We loved the "brown mix-in that carries a cinnamon-spiced cookie flavor & aroma". It was also generously drizzled with caramel.

It's best that you finish the ice cream before it melts. By the time we reached home, mine was slowly turning into a milk shake. But right before it got completely liquefied, I cut up a piece of banana & magically turned it into a banana split of sorts, minus the whipped cream. 

Definitely more fun to eat it this time. Plus, healthier too! ;)

Can be had for only Php 45.00 a cup at any McDonald's store.

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