[homemade DETOX WATER]

Let's face it. We get a lot of toxins from the processed foods we take in everyday. So, we need to purge them out & detoxify.

Although there are commercial brands of detox juices, I decided to first try making one for myself. I searched online for recipes & found this.  

I went for the lemon-cucumber-mint recipe since the 3 ingredients are available in your favorite supermarkets. 

I just used a piece each of lemon & cucumber (all washed thoroughly & sliced thinly) & then added 2 sprigs of mint leaves to a liter of water. If you can afford it, buy organic.

I left my water-filled tumbler in the fridge to let the sliced fruits & leaves infuse the liquid with natural vitamins.

My homemade detox water lasted me the whole day, refilled thrice with water. It was a refreshing, vitamin-enriched* drink. Try coming up with your own by using any of the recipes.

*Cucumbers hydrate, lemons cleanse & help clear out the digestive system while the mint leaves add freshness & nutrients to the water. 


  1. This homemade detox water recipe looks quite effective. I'll definitely try it at home..!!

    1. try the other recipes too! ;)
      thanks for visiting the blog.

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