[a DAUGHTER speaks her HEART out]

Before this day ends, I am sharing with you my eldest daughter's special fathers' day note to her dad. An introvert like my husband, her voice is hardly the one to stand out above the din. Nevertheless, what she can't verbalize, she does so in writing, straight from the heart, with aplomb. 

Tears welled up as I read her note where she speaks out her love for her daddy J.

It amazes me that my dad does not bat an eyelash when he tells me he thinks I can do anything.

His answer is always "oo naman; kaya mo yan."

I am blessed because God gave me a dad, who isn't necessarily perfect, but still a great one who's willing to overlook his needs for the betterment of his family. He can be overprotective and unreasonable at times, but i know he does what he does because he loves me and wants nothing but the best for me.

I am not the best daughter in the world. I complain a lot and often brush off my dad's sermons. I cannot blame him for sometimes thinking I don't love him. He says so in mock- sadness, but I know my tough-as-nails-dad gets hurt.

But of course I love him. I love him enough to produce a few tears while writing and rewriting this, as OA as that sounds, because I know I don't tell him that much.

So, daddy, i know there is a probability that you won't be able to read this (you're not exactly the internet-surfing type) but anyway.


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