[the MAN in our lives]

In our home, he is the only "thorn among the roses".   Most of the time, he feels like he is out-numbered by us girls.  But this much is true - being the father, he still has the last say & he is loved even more for that.

In his almost 18 years of being a father to his girls, so far, I have seen how he has been the BEST dad, bar none.

Though he may not look it, but he has happily & willingly taken on the tasks of fatherhood : changed nappies,  stayed up in the wee hours to take over mommy duties, drove us to the doctor for the annual shots or check-ups, dropped off or picked up the girls from school whenever his schedule allows, attended school-related activities, etc. Since day 1, this responsible father has provided a roof over our heads, food on the table & has sent his girls to good schools. What more is left to ask from someone like him?

To the man who will forever be the great love in the lives of his 3 girls, HAPPY FATHERS' DAY! Much love back to you...

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