[a school all BOTTLEd-up]

What used to be a problem, is now a solution
- ILIAC DIAZ on building the first BOTTLE SCHOOL in Asia made of recyclable materials.

According to the Inhabitat report, Mr. Diaz of MY SHELTER FOUNDATION came up with an innovative building using discarded glass & plastic bottles filled with liquefied adobe & reinforced by steel bars. The said material combination was found to be cheaper but 3 times stronger than concrete.  

For this project to materialize, some members of the private & public sectors helped out. The local government of San Pablo, Laguna donated the site while dozens of volunteers assisted in the construction. To raise additional funds, a fun run was organized & the people helped in collecting the bottles.

The completed BOTTLE SCHOOL (exterior & interior views):

Proudly Pinoy!

Read the full story .

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