[in the bag @ REGALONG PAMBAHAY]

I bought fashionable sling bags for my daughters one weekend in Marquee Mall.  We found them in the REGALONG PAMBAHAY/EGG/SIMPLE JOYS stores.

from EGG


By the way, REGALONG PAMBAHAY is another fave homestore haunt for me. I like looking through the items whenever i get the chance to drop by their store branch in Megamall.

I love these proudly FILIPINO-crafted items:

OBELISK table lamp

HAMPTON wood & stainless lantern

GABRIELLE glass & table lamps

damask SYDNEY floor cushions

round SIKLAT wind chimes

japanese chair

abaca rope FULLMOON chair
abaca rope round-shaped swing chair center with cushion

wire boat tray
DREAM votive

embossed picture frame FAMILY

mini divider picture frame

Venetian round/square colored glass coasters
raffia table runner

SABRINA hat case

suitcase, set of 3

BIRD SONG desk clock

Visit their site for store locations & other merchandise to choose from.

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