[will you marry me?]

i saw my daughters one time so engrossed in watching a video. i sidled up to them & this is what they were viewing :

a popular malaysian blogger named TIM (timothy tiah) came up with  this video (with the help of a malaysian wedding footage company) to capture the emotional moments leading to his marriage proposal to girlfriend of 3 years, AUDREY (ooi). the proposal took place on nov 30 in an italian restaurant in kuala lumpur where his now-fiancee was having dinner with friends.

this video has turned viral (reportedly 4 million views within a week from it's initial online posting) because of the celebrity endorsements of ryan seacrest &  cristina perri. the latter is the singer whose song " a thousand years" was made the background track of the video.

just like the others who have seen it, this too brought me to tears. though i didn't get a similar touching marriage proposal before from my hubby of 18 years, i'm still wishing  he can come up with one, if there is such a thing, on our next milestone anniversary.  for our 20th or 25th perhaps? ;)

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