[the moment just passes you by]

with HEARTS' DAY barely 2 weeks away, stories on true loves, lost loves or loves never-meant-to-be come to mind. with that, i'm reminded of a heart-wrenching scene from my all-time favorite romantic flick, MY BESTFRIEND'S WEDDING. 

this movie-moment tells of how michael & julianne came to terms with their true feelings for each other but present circumstances forced them to accept their not-so-happily-ever-after ending. 

look at how sad julianne felt at the reception when she finally let go of her "bestfriend who has won the best woman".

a lesson in love: be the best of friends but stay upfront with your romantic feelings if you ever come to that point in your lives. take the risk but be ready to accept things in the face of rejection rather than let the ONE get away.

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