[amidst the scent of pine trees & taste of strawberries: DAY 3]

My hubby & I were up & about as early as 5 am. We planned to go to the Baguio City Market to buy fresh veggies. We left the girls still sleeping. 

Went down to the basement parking area & this is what we stumbled upon. 


from inside our car

I am so surprised that the layout of this area was approved at all by the city hall people. Maneuvering & getting your car out of here is so difficult, if not impossible, especially if it happens to be parked in the inner corners. Well, that was what happened to us. The valet had to drive 3-4 cars out of the parking area within 5-10 minutes before we got ours out. But in fairness to the valet & guard who assisted us, they were most helpful. But really! The owner or architect should have given this much thought. Budget constraints to maximize profit must have been the reason but in the long run, this could turn out to  be the downside to booking in CHALET. 

We cruised along session road en route to the market.

early morning scene

We arrived at Burnham Park & started to look for a parking slot. Hubby wanted a nearer place to the market since it would be difficult to lug our basketful of veggies back to our car.  We scouted around the area & settled on one by the roadside inside Burnham. passing by what used to be a parking area, we can't help but notice the putrid smell  permeating around that area. Which got me to thinking again. Where's the mayor & what's he doing  (or not doing) to Baguio? This supposedly "Summer Capital of the Philippines" has really gone to utter negligence! No wonder, Camp John Hay is now the ONLY place to stroll around in if you want to enjoy Baguio. For me, at least...

Inside the city market.

polycarbonate roof over the stall aisle
fresh harvest
After picking out our vegetables, the "manang" can't contain her delight at the almost php 2k amount we paid her at so early in the morning. "buena mano" for her, indeed! ;)

Made it to the hotel in 20 minutes & roused the girls from their sleep to get ready for breakfast. This time, we dined in the main restaurant area.

white bird cages against the red accent wall 
(beverage & pastry  counters)

front desk area behind jill
fireplace corner
of flowers & white salt & pepper shakers
seat & table 
DULCINEA placemat
coffee & water
What we had for breakfast.

bangsilog (fried boneless milkfish, fried rice & egg)

fried eggplant & salted egg

corned beef, fried rice & egg
flowing freshly-brewed coffee

We checked out of CHALET before 10 am. The front-desk clerk just issued us the receipt for our additional charges (extra breakfast meals). When I asked for the official receipt of our hotel stay, she said agoda.com already did that for them. I've checked agoda.com's website but i have yet  to print out the OR.* 

We left Baguio City all re-charged. It was a nice though short vacation which we all enjoyed. We made a side trip to my mom-in-law's house just so we can drop off her share of the "pasalubongs". We arrived in Manila a little after 4pm.

*note: just the other day, I received our credit card billing statement. The booking website agoda.com already charged us on the day of our booking. I think that's too early although I don't know how they will go about it if you cancel your booking within the allowed period.

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