[images of christmas *just* past]

Due to the busy-ness of the recent days - prepping the house for the holidays & helping out in the family reunion preparations - it's only now that i'm posting pictures of the holiday spruce-up i did for our home. Sans a helper this year can really be taxing. anyway, it's a rather belated post, i know, but please indulge me...

I made use of the same decorations, save for my 2 new purchases - the platinum-colored reindeer which i got from national bookstore; & the Holy Family tabletop decor which i bought on sale in SM masinag.

For the lanai & the family area upstairs, i unwrapped the 3-kings & the santa-claus-in-a-sleigh decors i bought from a former co-parent & placed them there.

The theme is still the same for the living area: black, white, gold & platinum ornaments for our white faux christmas tree.

 Our daybed in the family area had poinsettia-flower accent pillows.

My "mantel-like" holiday accent. actually, it's one of my main stairs window ledges. I still used the same berry-pine cone vine with the scented candles but i tweaked it a bit by inserting the glitter-dusted leaves.

And armed with my reliable dlsr cam, i took close-up shots of my home decors just so i can have that much needed practice & show them to you.

Anyway, enjoy as i click away...

And finally, on a personal note, an official family photo taken after our christmas eve dinner. This year, my sister, who's now us-based came back with her 2 children to study here & spend the holidays with us. Her husband is not with them because of work.

I hope you too had a blessed christmas celebration with your own families & here's wishing you all a great 2012! 


  1. Ganda talaga your house mare! Peg ko yan! =)

  2. thanks! malapit nyo nang makuha ang dreamhouse nyo with the way you two are working hard. ;) basta, kmi ni papa j ang "design & build" team mo. ;)

    kita-kits nga tayo. one of these days. =)


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