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can our forests go back to being this GREEN?

via EARTHIAN's fb account

i believe we still can with SUSTAINABILITY. i found this INDIA-based FB group, EARTHIAN while i was looking at my news feed. this group also has a blog & an official website

as posted in their blog profile, EARTHIAN SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAM FOR SCHOOLS OR COLLEGES (EARTHIAN for short) is designed to act as a catalyst for fostering excellence in sustainability thinking & doing amongst young people. They believe that holding annual awards is a first step towards garnering a deeper engagement with children & young adults in schools & colleges.

another namesake, EARTHIAN magazine, this time homegrown, is also in FB, has a blog & with links to GREEN AGENDA PHILIPPINES NOW & GREEN PEACE PHILIPPINES, among others.  

explore both groups through their FB pages, blogs or sites & get to know what it takes to help our environment go back to being GREEN again.

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